Project Y-ine – World Tour 2009

Project Y-ineSome friends of ours have launched a new research project called Project Y-ine, and have taken it on the road. Amy and I are definitely not part of Generation Y, but since we were born between Gen X and the Boomers, we have no particular generational allegiences and fully support this project. As it involves drinking beer and wine with our delightful friends Ashley (The Beer Wench) and Shana Ray (Sharayray) and very little other effort on our parts, I think we can get behind Project Y-ine 100%!

ashleyvroutsonIf you are in the Houston or Galveston area on Wednesday August 19th join us in the Bay Area when Ashley and Shana bring Project Y-ine to (tentatively) Boondoggles and the Chelsea Wine Bar in El Lago on NASA Rd 1. Amy and I will be there as well. I will be the guy looking even older than usual. My guess is that the festivities will begin at around 4 o’clock and last until we have to physically restrain Ashley from jumping into Clear Lake. Amy should be posting more details in the coming days.

Here is some information from their press release:

Like other generations prior, Generation Y is coming of age and making up their own rules. Project Y-ine recently launched as the first social media expose on this generation and their drinking habits.

Two young marketing mavens and bloggers, Shana Ray and Ashley V. Routson are hitting the streets for an in-depth look at today’s youth and to find out what they really think about beer and wine brands. During the month of August, the ladies will be traveling from Tampa, FL to San Francisco, CA throughout the Southern part of the United States, visiting breweries, wineries and food establishments along the way. They will be collaborating with sponsors and conducting interviews with members of Generation Y. The goal is to get into the minds of Gen Y’ers to best understand their thought process when purchasing wine or beer.

sharayrayThey also had some very interesting information about Gen Y’s drinking habits:

  • Younger generation drives new wine growth.
  • Millennials drink nearly 3 glasses per occasion, compared to 2.41 for generation-Xers and 2.13 for baby boomers.
  • Millennials are much more inclined than older consumers to purchase imported beers
  • Approximately one-third of Millennials are interested in learning more about wine
  • There are over 70 Million Millennials
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