Comcast ate my blog!

Okay, they didn’t eat it, but they did a fine job of keeping me from accessing the Internet to post anything new with any degree of regularity. For over two months I fought, cajoled, yelled, screamed and pleaded for them to fix what was not working. They would schedule appointments weeks out and then send incompetent contract workers out who would leave without fixing much of anything.

In the meantime, readership of this blog has gone from sometimes nearing 1,000 people a day to anywhere between 45 and 100 visitors per day. Thanks Comcast!

Over the weekend Pamela at Enobytes told me how she managed to get her connection fixed. By using Twitter as Pamela advised, my wife managed to get the ear of someone at corporate headquarters. While they had many of the same issues with the Houston branch that I had, after a lot of e-mails, phone calls and threats of legal action, last night my connection was fixed and I plan to start posting regularly again. I hope that I can rebuild my readership. Whether or not I can, I owe Pamela a hearty thank you!

I would also like to thank the readers who have kept coming back and checking for new material despite my erratic posting schedule. I will now endeavor to pay you back with as much babble as I can muster.

While I have said it before, only to be proven wrong, I think Comcast has finally fixed things for me, and I am BACK!

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