Good wine vs. the right wine

Last night I cooked a pork loin with carmelized onions and dried apricots, with a ginger, goat cheese rissoto topped with pine nuts. It turned out fairly well, and I wanted a really good wine to go with it. That is where I made my mistake.

I looked through the wines on hand and decided that a big, powerful white was in order, as none of my reds looked to be the right wine. So, I grabbed the best white out of the cooler, a Swanson Pinot Grigio, and poured a couple of glasses. It tasted great, then I tasted the food and it tasted great, then I tasted the wine and it was awful.

Truthfully, the wine was still excellent, it was my judgement that was awful. I went back to the cooler, grabbed a cheap, sweet Riesling, and all was right with the world. The wrong wine can make or break a meal. It doesn’t have to be great wine, just the right wine. Pairing a great wine with the wrong food can be a disaster, but even the right cheap wine can make it great.

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