Wine Bloggers Conference 2009 – FAIL?

Wine SnobAfter being here for the first afternoon and evening of the Wine Blogger Conference 2009, I am starting to wonder if the they are experiencing a sophomore slump, or have just lost their mojo completely.

The early part of the day was spent alternatively laughing at comments from other bloggers about their inability to connect to the Internet, and bitching because I couldn’t connect to post about their comments. This was followed by something that we mercifully missed, the Tom Wark blogger awards. We have already expressed our opinion that these are a complete and utter joke. Thank God we got stuck in traffic and missed this BS stroke job for the #1 (is it 2?) wine blogger.

There have been some great tastings, and we have met some fantastic wine makers, and tasted some amazing wines, but we can make a few calls to make that happen. The WBC has really let us down so far. Tonight’s dinner is a perfect example. After refusing to accept the alternative for our requested dinner, we waited an impossibly long time to eat. It must have been one fast F-ing cow, because it took them at least an hour to catch it. But as bad as the lack of sustenance was, the ‘entertainment’ was even worse.

We were treated to a sales pitch for Typepad. Wow! I guess the CEO of Prodigy wasn’t available to pitch us on the future of Internetability. Whose brilliant idea was it to get someone to pitch a bunch of WordPress and Blogger users on the one failed blogging platform that they had already rejected?

Here’s hoping tomorrow gets us back on track. So far I am not impressed.

Here is a personal message for all of the other bloggers: Error this account has reached the maximum number of logins.


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