Dear Thea, this is what you missed!

strawberryWe flew into California on Wednesday night, a couple days early, so we could head down to Murphys for a little pre-WBC09 (2009 Wine Bloggers’ Conference) fun.  Lucky for us, there were lots of cars on the Hertz lot. The nice lady at the counter asked if we would like to upgrade to a 2010 Mustang with leather seats for only $8 more a day. Gee, upgrade from a compact to a Red Mustang?

Well what do you think we did! And on our way to Murphys to meet up with some other WBC-ers we had arranged to meet with Robert Sobon and check out Sobon Estate and Shenandoah Vineyards’ wines in Amador Country.  So we took our red Mustang out Route 16 to the Sierra Foothills. He had asked us if we had time for a little lunch.  And I’m thinking how nice, he’s going to fix some sandwiches, maybe some cheese, a few grapes.  He did prepare some cheese for the wine tasting; which we’ll write more about later.  But what we did not expect him to prepare was a lovely 3-course meal that ended with huge fresh strawberries dipped in homemade chocolate sauce sitting on a big dollop of French vanilla ice cream, paired with Shenandoah Vineyards Amador County Black Muscat. In a word — FABulous!

Since we were only coming from Sacramento, it was a pretty short drive. Our friend Thea (winebratsf on twitter) was coming from San Francisco with Sonadora and Brix Chicks Liza, so it was a bit out of their way. That’s why they took a rain check on the invitation. More ice cream for us!

Thank you Robert and all the folks at Sobon Estate and Shenandoah Vineyards for such nice hospitality and a great lunch! We look forward to meeting with you again, and enjoying your wines in the interim.

WineWonkette, square ~ Amy Corron Power,
aka WineWonkette

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