SP Drummer 2002 Cabernet

When they talk about a Cabernet being big the 2002 SP Drummer Napa Valley Blair Vineyard Cab is what they mean. This is a big, powerful wine. I had this wine paired with sirloin steak and twice baked potatoes seasoned with a lot of roast garlic and goat cheese and this Cab overpowered everything on the plate. Next bottle of it I have the pleasure of drinking will be paired with stronger fare. A rare slice of prime rib with horseradish sounds about right. A lesser piece of steak probably won’t have the strength to defend itself.

The aromas and flavors were fairly typical of a good California Cabernet, cassis, black berries, tobacco and cocoa…lots of cocoa, only more of everything. The fruit flavors are huge and so are the mellowed tannins, but everything is quite well balanced. I really enjoyed this wine.

While not cheap at around $50 a bottle this Cabernet is easily a match for many of the much more expensive wines.

This is the description from the folks sold me this wine:

SP Drummer Cab-Cab Franc Blend Napa Valley 2002

750ml Bottle

The 2002 harvest, with moderate temperature extremes during the ripening period, provided a growing season that yielded wines with full ripeness and well developed, finely balanced tannins. Cabernet Sauvignon grown on rocky sites such as the Blair Vineyard produce small berries with sweet tannins, which are important for mouth structure. The Cabernet Franc is reminiscent of exotic black flowers and has an incredible density of flavor, almost atypical for the variety. It is arguably one of the top two or three sites for Cabernet Franc in North America. The wines were fermented in open-topped tanks using punched down techniques, and aged in a high percentage of new French oak barrels.

Bacchus and Venus sells this on their site for $50 a bottle. This is the lowest price that I have found. If anyone finds it for less, please post the information. I plan to have a few more bottles of this.

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