Razor’s Edge Shiraz Grenache Blend 2006

As I have not yet switched providers, and my current one is still being as Com-*@#$ing-castic as usual, I am writing this at Chelsea, my favorite wine bar in all of Texas. While I have not visited every wine bar in Texas, it isn’t for lack of trying, but I will be surprised if I ever find a better one. So, being without either an Internet connection or a clue what to write about, I came to Chelsea to mooch off of their Wi-Fi connection and request a wine that is worth writing about. The fine folks at Chelsea did not disappoint me on either count.

I connected to their network, and Emelie hooked me up with a nice Shiraz/Grenache blend from the McLaren Vale region of Australia. The 2006 Razor’s Edge Shiraz Grenache is a delicious example of why these two grapes are so often used together. The color is an inky deep purple moving towards ruby on the edges. The nose is big and full of fruit, followed by Grenache’s distinctive spice and ashtray aromas.

The flavors are big and bold. Blackberry, blueberry, raspberry and plum dominate, with hints of smoke, dark brown sugar and leather. The finish is long and spicy, with elements of mocha, prune, and a little more brown sugar. If the French ever develop the Australians’ fetish for cleanliness, this is what the wines of the Southern Rhone might taste like. While I hope that they both retain their distinctive styles, that may give you an idea of how good this wine is. The best news about this wine is that it can be had for under $13.00 American.

As I start my second tasty glass, it occurs to me that perhaps I should stick with my current Internet provider so that I have an excuse to come to the Chelsea Wine Bar to write and post my articles. While there may truly be no place like home, I could easily get used to sitting at the bar, listening to the fantastic jukebox, while sipping on something tasty while typing this babble.

To show you why I love this place so much, here are a few photos. My wife, a much more accomplished photographer than I am, will probably do a photo feature later, but here is a quick taste.

The jukebox and piano at Chelsea.

Mayra and Emelie

The mural behind the bar at Chelsea.

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