White Wine Sangria Recipe (revisited)

white_sangriaThis makes a nice cold, refreshing sangria that won’t make you sloppy like MadMen’s Roger Sterling after a 3-Martini lunch, since it is low in alcohol. This white sangria tastes like a crisp, tart lemonade, but much less sweet.

To make your own little pitcher of Summer, start by chilling a bottle of a bottle of cheap, fairly sweet Riesling or any other tasty cheap, fruity and crisp white that you like.

Melt a healthy tablespoon of good honey into a cup of apple juice and then let cool.

Juice 2 lemons and two limes into a pitcher and then fill with ice. Pour in your apple juice and the bottle of wine. Slice another lemon and lime to garnish, stir it all together and drink cold.

This can even be iced down several times and not get watery. It is a great refreshing drink for sitting outside in the Texas heat tending a smoker full of ribs, or hanging out at the pool. Just enough alcohol to keep the mood, slightly mellow, but not enough to get drunk, even when drinking it like lemonade. What could be better on a hot Summer day?

You can doctor this up in any way that you like, but I prefer this crisp, light version. Adding some cognac, brandy, other fruits, or even some fruit schnapps might suit your tastes more, though. Personally, I’d rather keep it light and drink a lot more of it.

Amy and I would like to wish you all a great Labor Day Weekend! Have fun and stay safe! Cheers!

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