Some unrelated thoughts…

“I remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel
you were famous, your heart was a legend.
You told me again you preferred handsome men
but for me you would make an exception.”
Leonard Cohen

  • It was great to take a drive down towards Kemah and find that our favorite wine bar had not only survived Ike, but was open for business. The Chelsea Wine Bar was open for business, stocked with wine, and capably manned by Mathew, who kept both the wine and the conversation flowing. If you are in the Bay Area of Houston, make sure to head down NASA Rd. 1 to El Lago, TX. and stop in. If you are anything like me, you will feel at home instantly.
  • This morning I got up and grabbed the first clean t-shirt on the pile. It was a souvenir shirt from Galveston. That brought on a moment of sad reflection. I know many of the places I love down there must be gone, but I hope that the spirit of the place I love so much survives. Then I started to wonder if we will ever know the true magnitude of what has been lost and had to stop reflecting.
  • Is there anything as maddening as being forced to call tech support and then having to deal with some dismissive drone in another country who knows far less about the issue than you, but either will not, or cannot, kick your problem up to someone with actual skills?
  • My wife thinks Pouilly-Fuissé sounds funny. She’s right.
  • After over a week of being off work, I think I am going feral. I like it. I haven’t worn anything but shorts and t-shirts since the Thursday before evacuation. I can drink wine with lunch, if I choose, or crack a bottle in the afternoon just because I feel like it. Even the angry looking, itchy welts on my legs from being attacked by fire ants just add to the wildness. If any of the stores down here get any fresh meat in soon, I may have to gnaw on a raw steak…with a really nice Cab, of course. Feral only goes so far.
  • At the risk of this being a related thought, while I am enjoying the recent lack of routine, I can’t wait for the gym to open back up. Being a slacker is one thing, but being an out of shape one is quite another. Having my appetites, at my age, definitely requires regular, strenuous trips to the gym.
  • Damn, I love football season!
  • I should make a new batch of beer soon.
  • Lists are a great way to pretend to write something when you don’t really have enough complete thoughts for an article.


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