10 of the Most Architecturally Progressive Wineries in the World

Mike Payne, the editor of DesignCrave.com, sent me a link to his post entitled “The Ten Architectural Wonders of the Wine World.” He has found some real gems.

From his post:

To the religious and the secular alike, wine holds a special place in the hearts of men. It is no surprise, then, that the wineries of the world have become like churches themselves– while adherents to the worship of wine travel the world over, visiting the great wineries in Napa, in France, in Argentina. Continuing this metaphor, the modern wineries of today have been given the same architectural importance as the chapels of times past. To celebrate the most progressive, most beautiful modern wineries in the world today, here is DesignCrave’s list of the Ten Architectural Wonders of the Wine World.

There are photos from each of the wineries on the list. This one, of O. Fournier Winery in Argentina, is probably my favorite. The Andes mountains in the background make for a stunningly beautiful backdrop for the unique building.

O. Fournier Winery

Can you imagine attending a tasting there?

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