Drinking well in tough times

bargainwineBelow is a video from Wine Spectator with some tips for drinking good wine at a decent price. These days that becomes more and more of a priority. Times are tough all over. The video has some good ideas before the last person comes on to just plug their site, and even then it isn’t that bad of an idea to check their bargain wine suggestions. Just be careful, I have had some pretty nasty wines mixed in with the good ones that they recommend. Anyone who has to pick that many wines for under $15 isn’t going to please every palate.

Some of my own tips would be:

  • Find some Cotes du Rhone and Rieslings that you like and always keep them on hand.
  • Buy by the case when you can, it usually saves you some money.
  • Drink other people’s wine whenever possible.
  • Dumpster dive at Robert Parker’s house.

A couple of those tips are probably a little more helpful that the others, but I promised myself that I wouldn’t have a glass until I finished a post, so you should feel lucky to have even gotten two good ones. If anyone else has any ideas, good or otherwise, on how to drink good stuff without breaking the bank, please feel free to just shout them out.

Here is the promised video. Enjoy! Now, where did I leave that corkscrew…

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