Weekend Round-up – Around the Food and Wine Blogs

sparkling wineThere have been so many great posts about food and wine around these Interwebs lately that I felt like sharing some. I hope that you enjoy these as much as I did.

I have not had the time to visit DrinkPlanner lately, which is a shame because I missed his Guide to Drinking Cheap. This is like Kingsley Amis on bum wine. Love this site!

Check out this beautiful image Alder posted at Vinography of a grapevine waking up to find that it is Spring.

The always fabulous WineDiverGirl tackles the issue of Wine in Social Media: What is Forbidden?

My friend Denise, the WineSleuth, gives her impressions of English Wine. Seems she has added a lot of video to her site as well. Go take a look.

New York wines have no better friend that Lenndevours. Here his blog features a review of a delicious sounding Riesling called “Red Newt” along with thoughts on the future of Finger Lakes wines.

Over at Two Days per Bottle (unlike my preferred method of doing it the other way around) Dhonig applies his usual unusual approach to reviewing 2005 Waters Crest Campania Rosso.

Cooking with Kimberly teaches us how to make the tastiest turkey burgers. My waistline thanks her!

The irrepressible Thea, otherwise known as Winebratsf, turns the spotlight on the wines and wine making regions of Chile.

Food Renegade profiles India’s Vandana Shiva and her fight against GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms). Fight the power, fight the power that be! Elvis was a hero to most…oops, sorry, I was getting carried away. This is a serious and important issue, and these guys always fight the good fight.

The Noble Pig offers up a delicious-sounding recipe for savory jalapeno cornebread. The accompanying photos are food porn at its best.

Jeff at El Bloggo Torcido posted a couple of great shots of Springtime in Calaveras County, including one of Nacha the Wonder Dog, my favorite 4 legged drinking companion of all time.

Last, but certainly not least, Cuvee Corner has an excellent feature on Corkage Fees and taking your own bottles and glasses to restaurants. I am especially with him on his rant about thick, crappy wine glasses. Preach on, brother!

Happy Birthday to Pete Seeger! One of America’s treasures turns 90 this weekend.

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