Click your Heels 3 Times if you’re “Wild at Heart”

It’s the Wizard of Oz for Grownups

Wizard of Oz for Grownups

Love me tender,
Love me true,
All my dreams fulfilled.
For my darlin’ I love you,
And I always will
. ~ Elvis, Love Me Tender

While I was playing on Facebook slaving away at the office, Joe was cooking a fabulous seafood dish.  He sent me a text that we were having “Aegean-braised fish with white beans and potatoes.” Me, always the smartass, asked him if he went to the Aegean Sea to braise the fish.  Well, of course he didn’t — but he could have. It was that good!

As usual when I arrived home; dinner was served (am I lucky or what?)

Of course, along with the dinner, Joe decided to watch Wild at Heart — which he calls a Wizard of Oz for grown-ups — for the 4,375th time.  Keep in mind, when I met Joe, he was always talking about movie directors. You know how it is when you first meet someone you like — you pretend to like everything your significant other does.  Well, Joe loves all things David Lynch.

I don’t.

I find Blue Velvet extremely disturbing.  I assume it’s supposed to be disturbing — but it’s more disturbing than I can handle, so I wasn’t too keen on yet another David Lynch movie — even if it did star one of my favorite actors; Nicholas Cage.

But it turns out I’d only seen the network version with most of the story ripped out (Thanks to the Frustrated Victorian Republic of America aka The FCC), so this time it was much more interesting than before, e.g. before; where most of all I saw was Nicholas Cage talking like a redneck Elvis (redundant) just like he did in Raising Arizona. The film, without most of the story ripped out, was actually pretty good. And the fact that LuLu’s mother has the same first name as mine made it additionally entertaining.

2007 Alexana Pinot Gris, Dundee Hills, Willamette Valley, Revana Vineyard

pinotgrisTo pair with the food and with his favorite film, Joe chose an Alexana Pinot Gris — especially a propos since we have another shipment of Alexana on the way.

“There is an elusive romance in the Willamette Valley of Oregon – in those special vineyards rooted in filtered volcanic soil that yeild bright wines of unique crispness and clarity.  Here the sun, soil and the skill of the winemaker are elemental partners in the production of this hand crafted wine. ” Back label, Alexana Pinot Gris

Dr. Madaiah Revena writes of this wine, “A tribute to my daughter Alexandra Revana, whose beauty and grace bring me much joy.”

Now how cool is that?  To have your father name an entire line of wines after you.  Pretty cool in my book.

My brother turned us onto Revana.  Dr. Revana, a cardiologist, is one of his clients.  We started by drinking a couple Revana wines, and then decided to try their Oregon vineyards and newest venture Alexana Winery.

So, along with watching Laura Dern, Nicholas Cage, Willem Defoe, The Prophet and Lois Henrickson from Big Love, and some other David Lynch standards like Sherilyn Fenn, Isabella Rossellini and Sheryl Lee, I was drinking some tasty Pinot Gris.

Here are winemaker Lynn Penner-Ash’s tasting notes:

The 2007 Alexana Pinot Gris, embodies elegance, purity and balance. The wine has layers of creamy lushness followed by hints of minerality from the bedrocks on the property. The grape is beautifully expressed, stamped by the earth. Framed by bright acidity, Alexana explodes with fruits and lingers with vibrant structure that draws you back for more.

To put it mildly — it’s good.  Tasty, crisp, refreshing and excellent with seafood. And we didn’t get it for free.  It wasn’t a sample. We paid for this wine.  So no one should ask for my credentials as an ethical wine blogger.

Beautiful aromas of ripe pear and cream with hints of citrus. Mineral notes add spice and freshness to the ripe fruit flavors. The palate is expansive with flavors of granny smith apples and limestone notes that complement the rich, creamy texture.

The Pinot Gris is 13.5% Alcohol by Volume. Priced at $32.00, it’s worth the money.  An awesome blend of sunlight and freshness.  Perfect with seafood (Joe’s recipe for the seafood will be posted tout de suite!) And tasty by itself. Check it out.  And tell us how you like it.

Amy Corron Power, the WineWonkette

~ Amy Corron Power,
aka WineWonkette

And just in case you forgot, Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Games” was featured in Wild at Heart.

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