Ann Landers, Miss Manners, and some winos in Houston

Ann LandersThat’s right! The winos of Another Wine Blog are now world famous, highly respected purveyors of sage advice. You all can say that you knew us when. The fine (and possibly drunk) folks at have compiled a list of 100 Great Advice Blogs and have mistakenly wisely included our seriously stupid highly esteemed site. We are ridiculously drunk quite honored and humbled.

Maybe we should start a feature called “Ask a Wino” where I answer anything asked. Not that anyone ever asks me much of anything except to pass the bottle back their way, but if they ever do I promise to make up an answer. Hell, maybe I will make up the questions too.

Q. Hi Wino, long time drinker, first time reader. Could you suggest a wine that goes well with deep fried twinkies?
-Jay in Toledo

A. No.

Q. Dear Wino, why won’t you return my calls?
Love and kisses,
-Sandra Lee

A. Tablescapes and canned mushroom soup give me gas.

Q. Did you really say that Tom Wark’s site looks like ass?
-The Chicken Guy

A. Um, I think that was my wife that did that. Yeah, that’s the ticket…

And that is all the time we have for questions tonight. Please tune in for the next installment of “Ask a Wino” when we make up some more stupid crap and pretend like you asked it. Goodnight folks!

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