Guest Review – Jacob Power reviews sparkling wine

sparkling wineOn the most recent Open That Bottle Night Amy and I opened a very nice bottle and enjoyed every drop. In honor of the event we purchased a bottle of non-alcoholic sparkling wine for my kids. My youngest, Jacob, who recently turned 14, asked if he could review it for the site. Of course I was flattered and proud that he would want to do such a thing. Here is what my little angel wrote:

The wine I reviewed was from Willamette, Oregon. It was a non-alcoholic sparkling wine called the Flying Boat. The color was an intriguing copperish pink. It made me think of pansies on a cool spring day.

It had the aromas of luscious fruit baskets on a cool winter’s day. I distinctly smelled apples but, the  smell that stuck out the most was pear.

It had the taste of honey and crisp apples. I liked the sweetness of this wine. The best taste was like freshly caught kangaroo thrown on the barby. Overall it was a very nice light wine.

Why do I have a sneaking suspicion that he was mocking not only his parents, but all of us wine freaks? They say the apple does not fall far from the tree, but damn, that one landed on my foot!

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