More on Budweiser and InBev

Drinkplanner weighs in on the Budweiser vs. the big, bad foreign company kerfuffle. As usual, they do it in a most amusing and insightful way. Here are some choice excerpts.

And to those panicking about lost American jobs and whatnot…calm the hell down.  Anheuser-Busch is THE #1 producer of beer in the states, and they’re not going to be shutting down production anytime soon.  How cost-effective do you think it would be to move production of the #1 US beer out of the US, only to have to ship it back to us?

Exactly! I especially enjoyed this part:

So relax, interwebs.  Time will only tell as to what this will mean down the line, but rest assured your favorite Anheuser-Busch brands aren’t going anywhere.  Unless your favorite brand is Bud Light Chelada, in which case you deserve whatever you get.

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