Bargain wine? Maybe…

Wine PourI’m not really quite sure what to make of the information in this article. I’m all for being able to get good table wine at a low price, and if California makers want to bring in some decent Chilean juice to make that happen, there isn’t much that comes to mind to complain about. On the other hand, if makers of $20 pinot want to sell a cheaper version, should they be looking to France? Finding a decent bottle of French pinot for under $20 is quite an accomplishment. What kind of wine could they possibly be sending over here to fit in with this trend? I would be very interested in hearing some other opinions on this practice.

From the article:

Yet, late last week I heard that a major U.S.-based wine company with lots of vineyard acreage is planning to buy Italian pinot grigio and French pinot noir to bottle in a line of wines that will sell for $10 a bottle.

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