New Belgium Springboard Ale

New Belgium’s Web site has some babble about this beer springing forth from dreams about acupuncturists and barrels, or some such nonsense. What a shame that is, as this is a exceptionally tasty hot weather beer, and that is a really stupid way to describe it unless their target is new age acupuncturist beer snobs.

Springboard Ale is a very refreshing Belgian Pale Ale that goes down almost too easy. It has a very light fruity and floral nose. It is an interesting straw yellow color, and quite cloudy. The tastes are decidedly citrus at the beginning, both sweet and sour, but very pleasant. This ale has a fairly light mouth feel, but finishes with a crisp, creamy, slightly sweet herbal bitterness with hints of honey. The sides of the glass show traces of very delicate Belgian lace.

According to the bottle it is 98% brewed with Wormwood, Lycium, and Schisandra. This is then blened with 2% that has been aged in oak barrels. For such a light, refreshing beer, this has amazing complexity.

This enjoyable ale would be perfect to serve at a Fourth of July cookout or BBQ! It could be paired with everything from hot dogs to ribs to brisket. Personally, I liked it all by itself.

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