White Wine Sangria Recipe

A couple of days ago I recommended Polka Dot Riesling as a good wine to eat while cooking barbecue, yesterday I used it to make a nice cold, refreshing sangria to drink WHILE I was barbecuing. This white sangria tastes like a crisp, tart lemonade, but much less sweet.

Start by chilling a bottle of a bottle of white wine of your choice, I liked the way that the Polka Dot worked in this, but any tasty cheap white that you like should taste fine.

Melt a healthy tablespoon of good honey into a cup of apple juice and then let cool.

Juice 2 lemons and two limes into a pitcher and then fill with ice. Pour in your apple juice and the bottle of wine. Slice another lemon and lime to garnish, stir it all together and drink cold.

I iced this down 3 times yesterday and it did not get watery. It was a great refreshing drink for sitting outside in the Texas heat tending a smoker full of ribs. Just enough alcohol to keep me slightly mellow, but not enough to get drunk even though I was drinking it like lemonade. That allowed me to stay out in the heat and drink a nice Zinfandel with the ribs later on.

You can doctor this up in any way that you like, but I prefer this crisp, light version. Adding some cognac, brandy, other fruits, or even some fruit schnapps might suit your tastes more, though.

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