AWB joins California Winemaker Wes Hagen of Clos Pepe Nov 13 for Simultaste

Another Wine Blog will be a featured participant in a live on-line wine tasting Wednesday focusing on Central Coast, California wines with famed Clos Pepe winemaker Wes Hagen.

IMAG1112_1Amy Corron Power and Joe Power tasted a number of Central Coast, California wines recently during a Houston stop on the Central Coast Wine & Food Pop-Up Tasting Tour that introduced wine writers, enthusiasts and wine industry aficionados in Phoenix, Houston, New Orleans, Miami and Key West to top wines from Santa Barbara County.

They were so impressed with the line-up, Amy suggested an on-line tasting event where bloggers and other enthusiasts could learn more about Central Coast wines from the winemakers themselves, in advance of next summer’s Wine Blogger Conference in Santa Barbara, California in July 2014.

What we hope will be the first of several such events begins this Wednesday, November 13, 2013 with an on-line tasting and Q&A session with Clos Pepe Vineyard’s personable Wes Hagen sharing his thought on his 2009 Clos Pepe Estate Pinot Noir.

“In the vineyard, my job is to get out of the way and let the dirt do the talking,” said Hagen. “Now we get to use technology to enhance the last great analog experience in American culture – sitting around a table sharing food and wine.”

Join in on November 13th at 5:30 PM Pacific/7:30 CST/8:30 EST to ask your questions and learn the finer points of the vine. By using the hashtag #DirtDontLie on Twitter, any messages will automatically become part of the discussion.

Central Coast Wine & Food, a marketing and new media campaign, connects the up-and-coming agricultural regions between Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz with wine and food enthusiasts through social media and pop up tasting events.

“Using social media channels like this creates a deep connection with the wine that you can’t get unless you visit the vineyard for a private tour,” said William Fernandez, founder of Central Coast Wine & Food. “Anyone with an internet connection can join and ask a small production winemaker questions while they taste their wine – that kind of access is priceless.”

The Blogging Panel

Another Wine Blog will join some of the country’s best wine bloggers in the simultaste, including:

Wes Hagen taste’s the 2009 Clos Pepe Pinot Noir

Here’s Wes tasting barrel samples that became his 2009 Pinot Noir!

Founded by U.S. Army veteran William Fernandez, Central Coast Wine & Food bridges the gap between farm and table with a national pop-up tasting tour, extensive social media reach, and powerful visual storytelling. For more information about Central Wine & Food, visit

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