DIY: Wine-Themed Dimmer in 8 Steps

Want to create some wine lover ambiance in your dining room? If you love custom light switch plates as much as I do, you will love this grapes and wine cork dimmer switch that you can make yourself in eight easy steps.

Wine Grapes Light Switch Cover with Champagne Cork Dimmer
DIY: Wine Grape Switch Cover with Cork Dimmer from Another Wine Blog

Changing out a standard single light switch to a dimmer will help save energy in your home. For this project, you will need to purchase a Single Pole Rotary Dimmer switch. Then change out the switch using these handy directions from Lutron Since you’ll need to cut-off power to the light in the room, it’s a good idea to print out the instructions and read over them before you start.

Steps for Creating Your Own Wine-Themed Switch Plate with Cork Dimmer

I looked for the perfect wine-themed dimmer switch plate cover. I could not find any I liked, so I decided to create my own. And you can too! If you already have a rotary dimmer switch follow these 8 easy steps to create your wine-themed dimmer. It shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes, and will cost you less than $20.

You will need the following items for this project:

Materials for Wine-Themed Dimmer Switch

1. Existing Dimmer SwitchPerrier-Jouet Champagne in Ice Bucket Or one you have installed (above).

2. Wine Tasting Peel & Stick Wall Decals I used RoomMates brand (made in the USA).

3. Sharp Kitchen Knife or X-Acto Knife

4. Cork from a Champagne Bottle (I used a cork from a bottle of Perrier-Jouët)

5. Curved Nail or Cuticle Scissors

6. Small flat or Phillips head screwdriver (I used the medium sized flathead that comes in a 6-in-1 Brass Hammer)

Remove the decals from the package and spread out on a flat surface so the page is flat when you are ready to work. You may need to do this several days before you’re ready to start the project.

Use the larger size grape bunch decal (bottom left)
Use the larger size grape bunch decal (bottom left)

Covering the Switch Plate

Step 1: Prepare the Switch Plate

Make sure your dimmer switch plate is clean and dry. The decals work best on a smooth surface. If you have a textured wall you can smooth it a bit by removing the plate, sanding around the edges of the textured wall and replacing the plate.

Step 2: Remove the Existing Knob

Remove the existing dimmer knob by pulling it toward you. You may need to turn it a bit while you are gently pulling it off its pole.

Step 3: Prepare the Decal

d3_webLocate the larger 5 1/2-inch grapes decal and gently peel it off. Position it loosely over the switch plate, pressing only on the spot where the single pole remains to mark where you will cut. Using your round-tip cuticle scissors, cut a circle slightly larger than the mark you created by pressing down on the pole.

Step 4: Cover the Switch Plate

Once again gently place the grapes decal over your switch plate, this time making sure the pole lines up with the hole you have created with your scissors. Starting in the middle press firmly from the center working outward until you come to the edge of the switch plate. Smooth out any bubbles as needed. Now continue pressing so that the decal extends onto the wall, first down, then out. Your Switch Plate should now look like this, with the single pole on the outside of the decal.

Making the Cork Rotary Knob:

We have thousands of corks, and I am always looking for something to create with them. For the Rotary Knob for your dimmer, you may want to use one from a celebratory bottle to help commemorate the occasion. If you do practice first on another champagne cork.

Step 5: Cut the Champagne Cork

Start with a clean dry cork from a bottle of Champagne. You’re going to make two cuts. This is so you can create a pattern from a smaller piece of cork for your knob. (1) Make the first cut about 1/4 inch down from the lowest part of the TOP of the champagne cork. (2) Make the second cut just under the lip of the top part of the cork, so that you have a circular piece about 1/4 inch thick. Making the cuts in this order helps keep you from cutting yourself, and also makes it easier to get cut even.

Make your cuts straight. Lines here are to show placement of cuts only.
Make your cuts straight. Lines here are to show placement of cuts only.

Your champagne cork should be in three pieces.
Your champagne cork should be in three pieces.

Step 6: Make the Knob Hole Pattern

Take the thin circle of cork and place it over the single pole and press so there is an indention in the center. Remove the cork piece from the switch and using the small screwdriver, punch out the center to make a hole. You may need to check a few times to get the correct size. Make sure it is slightly smaller than the pole so its fit is snug, not loose.

Step 7: Finish the Cork Knob

Using the thin cork circle as a pattern, place it over the bottom of your circular cork (opposite side as the printed wine house name) and using your screwdriver make a small cavity in the center of the bottom of the larger circular piece. It’s better to start shallow. Do not make it too deep, or your knob will not fit snugly on the pole.

Make the cavity shallow at first.

Step 8: Install the Champagne Cork Knob

d7_webd8_webcNow we’re going to add the cork knob Using your fingers only, twist the pole so that your light is fully on. Then making sure the your new cork knob is level with the name straight. Push the new cork knob over the pole so it fits snugly, but leaves space between the knob and the plate. Corks expand, so you want to leave space for it, so you will still be able to turn.

Voila! You now have a new wine-themed dimmer switch, and you did it yourself! You can also use this project for a ceiling fan rotary knob. Total cost to make: about $15 if you already have the cork.

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