Amy rides the short bus!

Oops, that should read Amy makes the short LIST! I have absolutely no idea how that headline could have gotten up there, but when I find the responsible party, heads will roll! Since my wife isn’t blowing her own horn over this, I will proudly do it for her. We had a few of our posts accepted into the competition for the Born Digital Wine Awards, and they recently announced the finalists, or their short list, as they call it.  Guess whose post made the cut? Amy’s did!

I may be a wee bit biased, but I don’t know how the judges settled on just one of her posts for inclusion, she does so many good ones, but they did manage. The selected post was Wine Intelligence admits Bias, Ulterior Motives in “Wine Blogger Distrust” Release. It was short listed in the category of Best Editorial Wine Writing, and rightly so, in my opinion. I had forgotten just how good it was until it made the list and I went back to read it again.

So, who and what are the Born Digital Wine Awards? Their site answers that like this:

The Born Digital Wine Awards reward great content which is first published on the web and not in print to highlight the wealth of wine content being created online by writers everywhere.

They further elaborate thusly*:

The Born Digital Wine Awards are an attempt to give value to the new wave of online wine journalism. Each year, the best examples of electronic publishing, including videos and photography, from across the world will be reviewed by a panel of top industry professionals, with prizes awarded in a range of categories.

Online publishing of wine content, whether it be it video, blogging, twitter, or one of many other platforms, continues to progress considerably. There have been attempts to judge and categorize the quality of this output, but there is arguably a lack of emphasis on the subject matter itself, an over-emphasis on the personalities and design behind this content, and few awards have had a global relevance.

Pulitzer Awards style system (in form only) for the online wine communications world. The idea is to stimulate and promote quality wine content by creating awards with real value, decided by a panel of respected judges representing the diverse world of wine and publishing.

The BDWA is not a “blogging” award, nor an emerging wine writer award. The organisers believe that the future of content creation will eventually adopt a digital first (or “born digital“) approach, where content is first published on the web, and only a fraction ever being printed. However the wine business has been slow to adapt to this reality, so print publications and a limited number of contributors, are still the reference points for “quality” content. It is not just new voices that are emerging online, some of these same contributors are increasingly publishing unique content to the web, so it is time to assess what the new quality standards should be.

The post was selected from “over 300 submissions from 24 countries, including: Australia, Belgium, China, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hungary, The Netherlands, New Zealand and Turkey.” Unlike a lot of other awards given out on the Web, these are judged by a panel of very esteemed and accomplished wine professionals and writers. I hate the old cliché everyone feels the need to spout whenever any type of award is almost bestowed on them about it being an honor just to be considered, but in this case it only sounds like a cliché, because that panel of judges is very impressive.

Congratulations, Amy. I’m very proud of you.

Best of luck to all of the nominees, but especially to our friends Pamela Heiligenthal from Enobytes for her post Has the term ‘California Grand Cru’ Gone too Far? in the category of Best Investigative Wine Story; Louise Hurren for “Authentic wines and hearty cooking in Bucelas outside Lisbon” (in Wine Travel Guides) for Best Wine Tourism Feature; and Ryan O’Connell (Winemaker at O’Vineyards) for Who Visits Vineyards for Best Winery Self Produced Content.

*I figure it’s never too early to start fishing for one of them there awards for myself next year, thusly.

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