Fantastic Label Idea

The folks at have a post about Oxford Landing‘s South Australian Shiraz. They don’t review the wine, and having never tasted it myself, I don’t know if it is any good or not.  In fact, the post isn’t about the wine at all, but the way that the label is made.

The label features a tab that allows for part of it to be torn off and saved. The torn off piece has all of the important info about the wine. This idea is so simple and so ingenious that I can’t believe it hasn’t been a standard practice for years.

To see photos of the label and how it works go over to the article.

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    The French discovered the solution to these problems in 1885 and the Americans followed suit in 1901 when they started to make bottles that held 375 ml. of wine and were thus were well suited to those who felt that a standard or full bottle was simply …

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