2007 Cono Sur Pinot Noir

Cono Sur is a very cleverly named winery in Chile that combines a play on the word “connoisseur” with the Spanish for “Southern Cone” which references the shape of South America.

I first tasted this wine at a presentation with Master Sommelier Bob Bath entitled “How to Blind-Taste Like a Master Sommelier.” Everyone at our table really liked it so my wife and I set out to find it. We we stunned to find that not only was it readily available at our neighborhood wine mega-mart, it was also under $7.00.

This is not a great Pinot Noir. It will not blow your socks off, nor will it make you wax rhapsodic in some pseudo-Sideways rant on the wonders of this heartbreaking varietal. What it will do is put a pretty damn drinkable wine on your table for under 10 bucks.

This bright cranberry juice-colored wine has an earthy nose and flavors of cherry, strawberry and raspberry with a hint of smokey wood. It is a light bodied Pinot that is very fruit forward and food friendly.

For the price, it is hard to go wrong with this wine.

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