Semi-Random, Semi-Wine-Related Thoughts

Drink no longer water, but use a little wine for thy stomach’s sake.
The First Epistle of Paul the Apostle to Timothy, 5:23

  • Going through a list of wine quotes recently, I was surprised at how many of them had biblical roots or religious significance. A little research turned up the fact that there are over 256 references to wine in the Bible, the majority of which are either neutral or positive. Considering the event that is considered the coming out party for Jesus was a wedding where the guests had already drunk all of the supplied wine and he provided even more, it would seem that the Judeo-Christian tradition would most definitely be pro-wine. Yet, all of my life I have heard religious people decry drinking. How does that work?
  • The difference between decent wine and very good wine can be quite huge. Last night I stopped at one of my favorite Houston wine bars, Cova, and was quite contentedly drinking a perfectly decent Dry Creek Zinfandel when one of the guys behind the bar handed me a glass and said ‘try this.’ It was the 2005 Grand Cru Chateau Dauzac. This stuff made me really happy. The fact that I know I am probably going to spend a lot of money buying more of it made me less so. Damn you Alex! For what it is worth, Robert Parker gives this wine an 89 and Wine Spectator gives it a 92. If you find yourself in Houston, search out Cova. Alex, Steve, and the rest of their friendly and knowledgeable staff will take great care of you.
  • R.I.P. Betty Page. I did not know that she was still alive, but it made me sad to here she died anyway.
  • I’m glad that cooler weather has finally hit Houston. The lower the mercury drops the better the big, bold reds that I love taste. While I also love lighter wines, very few of them have the power to make my eyes roll back in my head in ecstasy.
  • I am off to the local sports bar to watch my beloved Detroit Lions redefine ‘suck.’ Pity me. Is there a 12 Step Program for Lions fans, and if so what time do the meetings start?
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