2006 Eberle Viognier

Viognier is showing signs of becoming a trendy wine. It has all the richness and big flavor of a Chardonnay, but isn’t typically subjected to all of the manipulation that can make that varietal so flabby at times.

The 2006 Eberle Viognier is an excellent example of how good Viognier can be. This a very full-bodied wine with some refreshingly crisp acidity. It has a light nose of honeysuckle and melon that does not really hint at how full this wine is.

The flavors, while typical of Viognier, are very well balanced and powerful. Floral notes of honeysuckle and rose mix with big fruity flavors of apricot, melon, ripe peaches and spicy ginger.

This wine is excellent by itself or accompanying Asian food, particularly Thai or Vietnamese.

If you can’t find this in your local market it is available from Ferry Plaza Wine Merchants for $18.00 a bottle. That’s a serious bargain for a wine this good.

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