2011 Wine Blog Awards Wrap Up

The 2011 edition of the Wine Blog Awards are over and while we didn’t win (nor did we expect to), we would like to thank everyone who supported us with nominations, votes, and encouragement. The coolest thing about the ceremony was hearing so many of our friends cheer when our name was announced as a finalist prior to the winner being revealed. Nothing can top something like that for us.

The awards were created and conceived by PR guy Tom Wark at Fermentation in 2007. Congratulations to all the finalists! Sometimes dreams do come true.

Here is a list of winners:

Best Overall Wine Blog Winner: Fermentation
Best New Wine Blog Winner: Terroirist
Best Writing On a Wine Blog Winner: Vinography
Best Winery Blog Winner: Tablas Creek
Best Single Subject Wine Blog Winner: New York Cork Report
Best Wine Reviews on a Wine Blog Winner: Enobytes
Best Industry/Business Wine Blog Winner: Fermentation
Best Wine Blog Graphics, Photography, & Presentation Winner: Vino Freakism

Another Wine Blog would like to especially congratulate our friends at Enobytes for their win. The recognition is too little and way past due, in our opinion. And, as always, we highly encourage the presiding body to pull back the curtain and adopt a transparent and open process for these awards going forward. Changing this process is another thing that is way past due. We believe that transparency is the key to these awards becoming more meaningful and representative of the community they serve.

The official winners announcement

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