How ironic!

I write a post last week about how dedicated to this blog Amy and I are, then we don’t post for another week. Damn you Murphy! So, why haven’t we posted? What have we been doing? Those are fair questions, and you should have asked Amy instead of me. She, despite her chosen profession, is the more honest of us. I might just make some shit up to amuse you, or hell, just me.

Truth be told, we have both been writing but just haven’t quite finished anything. Well, we have finished more than a few bottles, some of which we can’t wait to tell you about, but will have to wait anyway. Sometimes life just gets in the way. We have also taken a first stab at our next redesign of the site. Look for plenty of new stuff from both of us soon.

In the meantime, here is another thing that has been stealing my time. Our friend Jeff Leve over at The Wine Cellar Insider has added some forums to discuss wine and food. There are some great discussions already. I highly recommend joining the conversation!

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