Look back in ambiguity

End of the year posts are all the rage. It seems like every blog has an obligatory post highlighting some sort of ‘best’ list from the previous year. Why should we here at Another Wine Blog be any different? Well, maybe because we like to think that we are just a little bit different. Or maybe it is because out of the hundreds of wines we sampled, many that were excellent, I can’t think of 10 that stood out so much from the rest that a list would be warranted.  Best meals? I can’t even come up with a 5th one to round out a list of the best meals that I’ve had over the course of almost 50 years on the planet, I definitely couldn’t do a year end list. And believe it or not, even I am not shameless, lazy or in possession of an ego large enough to give you a list of our best posts from last year.

Then there is the fact that despite some amazing highs, last year was filled with a lot of low points, difficulty and loss. For me personally, and for my family and even some friends as well. Legal problems, health issues, family turmoil, and financial difficulty combined with living in a country that has seemingly lost its collective mind, made 2010 a less than stellar vintage for memories. My family isn’t the only one who will remember it that way. Two of my best friends where I work have had similar years, one of which has had it so much worse. I know that many people around the country have had a terrible time over the past year. Living where I do, and doing what I do has provided my family with some protection that others have not enjoyed. So, I would have to guess that putting 2010 in our rear view mirror couldn’t happen soon enough for many of us.

Santorini in rear view mirror

Despite all of that, there were some wonderful things that happened for us last year, much of it due to this site. Or, to put it much more accurately, due to those of you who read and support this site. Everything from meeting amazing winemakers from all around the world who came to us here in Houston, to being flown halfway across the world to meet them on their turf, is all due to the fact that you read what we write.

Which brings me to the one thing from 2010 that will always bring a smile to my face, our visit to Santorini. Through many of this year’s difficult times I have been able to close my eyes and remember those impossibly blue waters and skies contrasted with the brilliant white buildings and almost smell the air and taste the food again. Not only that, but I was blessed with the most incredible travel companions possible; Elin McCoy, Joe Roberts and his beautiful family, and of course my always amazing spouse Amy. We were shepherded flawlessly by new friends George and Constance (with an assist from her friend Tammy) on an adventure that I will never forget. Thanks to all of them for proving that it would be a bad year indeed that didn’t offer up something wonderful.

Since this did turn out to be more of a New Year’s post that I anticipated, let me end it with a toast that I learned at a very young age, and have never found one  better; May the best of the last year be the worst of the new one!

I sincerely wish that for each an every one of you. I’ll definitely drink to that. Who’s with me?

  • I’m in! Cheers!

  • Krofkar

    Happy New Year to both of you and your family!

  • Constance C

    Thank YOU for coming with us to Santorini! Can’t imagine a better group to experience all the wineries with first hand!
    Happy New Year! Here’s to a fantastic 2011!

  • Anonymous

    I’m all in my friend

  • Anonymous

    I’m all in as well. Here’s to 2011 being better for all of us.

  • Mark

    Well said Joe! I wish you, Amy and your family all the best in 2011! Cheers to you guys!

  • I like you Joe. I love good wine and real food. I blog, too. (Don’t we all?) And you’re right: glad to see this year fly off. I will subscribe and take away with me your quite appropriately timed toast. May good wine and laughter follow you always.

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