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First off, I would like to apologize for my site being down yesterday. I somehow, despite having worked in the field of Web development for almost as long as their has been a Web, managed to pick one of the worst hosting companies on the planet. To paraphrase one of my favorite movies, they aren’t merely crap, they are most sincerely crap. I hope to have the situation better in hand soon.

Also, under the heading of good news, I have been cleared of all charges of losing my the family cat. After a few days of walkabout he is now safely incarcerated in the house where he can no longer be a danger to the general public.

A little background on this cat: My wife rescued him from a wildlife preserve near our house where she volunteers. Allegedly, she was saving a kitten from the gators, but over time I have come to realize that it was really the other way around. My repeated singing of “Hakuna Matata” did not get him sent back to the bayou. So, when she brought home this tiny, half blind, entirely black bundle of hate, we named him Basquiat in honor of one of my favorite artists. The name didn’t quite fit, and the people at the vet always called him “Biscuit” so we looked for other names. Since both “El Gato Diablo” and “Little Ball of Hate” were too long, we settled on “Monster.”

As my wife collects strays, which explains how I got so lucky, she also has an idiot dog. Not long ago the idiot dog made a hole on the screen of our patio door while trying to bat the idiot cat with his paw, most likely due to excessive taunting. The idiot cat slowly enlarged the hole like Clint Eastwood in “Escape From Alcatraz” but was quickly apprehended. Then a confluence of events happened to create the perfect storm. Enter me, the idiot husband, who forgot and left the door open, allowing the idiot cat to get out and be chased by the idiot dog and his slightly more intelligent compadre. Needless to say, the fact that I was responsible for losing a partially blind, partially de-clawed, partially feral family pet who hadn’t been out of the house since he was a tiny fur ball, made me less than popular. Since making his triumphant return last night, despite not being much of a cat fan, I am perfectly content to let him attack my feet this morning. Welcome back, asshole.

What does any of this have to do with food and wine? Not a damn thing, unless you count that my concern for having a Monster on the loose in no way whatsoever affected my appetite for either.

On Friday night my wife and I went to a very nice Sushi joint. The food was superb. The fish was exceptionally fresh, the offerings creative, and the presentation perfect. Which led me, as it often does, to wonder why so many wonderful restaurants pay so little attention to their wine list. The choices were all quite pedestrian, and very limited. One could choose from a Cabernet, a Chardonnay, a white Zinfandel, plum wine, sake, or Pinot Gris. I chose the Pinot Gris as it not only paired best with what I ordered, it is a varietal that I find to be drinkable at almost any price point.

While the wine’s flavors were good with the food, and the excellent sushi seemed to elevate the low rent juice, I couldn’t help but wonder how spectacular the meal could have been with some good wine. Unfortunately, to find out I may have to get some to go and try it at home.

Also on the menu, were some homemade sliders (recipe later in the week) that I enjoyed with a 2006 Perrin & Fils Côtes du Rhône-Villages. This is the slightly bigger sibling of a wine that I mentioned last week.

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