Trouble brewing in wine blog land?

A couple of weeks ago I posted a link to a contest to determine the best wine blogs at a site called Fermentation. My initial reaction was, “Cool!” Second reaction was, “Whoa, that is kind of an ugly site to be giving out awards!” My third reaction was, “Hey, I want one!” After I found out that I had missed the small window of opportunity to con someone into nominating me my reaction switched to, “Who died and made them the awards sheriff?” I am a bitter, bitter man.

Seriously, I think that it is great that the guy who runs Fermentation, Tom Wark, is putting in so much effort to promote the wine blogging community. An undertaking of such a magnitude, especially without pay, is commendable.

Apparently, there are some critics who aren’t as thrilled, and also the invariable wags who make the Web such a fun place to be.

Budo Kun’s Wine Blog Blacklist Official Reject Seal of ApprovalOne such group of wags are the folks at domain547 who, bless their pointy little heads (see graphic and old hippie album), have created an award for the rest of us losers who were not nominated. The “Budo Kun’s Wine Blog Blacklist, Official Reject Seal of Approval” As a loser, I proudly, yet humbly, accept this award on behalf of myself, and every other loser whose struggles have paved the way for me to stand before you tonight, the loser that I am today. Thank you!

Over at ENObytes there is some more humor, as well as a discussion about starting another award (oh, pick me, pick ME!!!) program. They raise some very good and valid points while making me laugh.

Then at Winecast there is more criticism and great discussion, along with some unintentionally funny sniping among some of the people engaged in the discussion. The original post is great, however, as are some of the comments.

As an old time punk, okay, just an old punk, I am of the opinion that if you don’t like how something is done, by all means stop bitching and go out and do it yourself. I’m content not winning Tom’s prestigious award, and if someone else creates a new one, or a bunch of new ones, I will be content to not win those as well.

Sitting on the sidelines raising my glass to those fighting the good fight is good enough for me. Especially if I can be a perennial winner of the loser award. Now THAT thing is cool!

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