Amy Corron Power, CWAS

A licensed attorney, Amy Corron Power is a wine-lover, foodie, photographer, political junkie and award-winning author who writes about Wine, Food, Beer & Spirits. As Managing Editor & Tasting Director for Another Wine Blog, she travels all over the world’s wine regions to share her experiences with her readers and thousands of twitter, Instagram and Facebook fans.

ACorronPower_headshotAmy holds certifications through the International Sommelier Guild, is also certified, with honors, as a California Wine Appellation Specialist (CWAS). She is a member of the Guild of Sommeliers, The Wine & Food Foundation of Texas and regularly attends Houston Sommelier Association events.

Amy is married to an awesome cook, who knows how to prepare incredible meals to complement any wine. She and Joe currently live on the Gulf Coast, just south of Houston, Texas. She dreams of the day they can move to closer to fabulous vineyards and wineries.

Raised by a couple of of teetotaling educators in West Virginia, Amy’s knowledge of wine did not really take off until law school. (Ask any lawyer – it is known to drive one to drink) After a career in marketing and public relations, with a little information systems consulting in between, she left the warm weather of Houston, Texas and headed north to Ohio. Making sure she had her priorities straight, Amy chose a law school with an awesome football program, led by a fine coach who promptly left for a bigger school in December of her first year. Damn you Thanks Gary Pinkel!

Amy and Joe currently live on the Texas Gulf Coast but dream of the day they can move to another Bay Area -- closer to all those fabulous vineyards and wineries.
Either for brownie points or extra-credit, she attended her first serious wine tasting in between the hell that is One L and the hell that is studying for the Bar. Law later continued to provide great wine perks, including a side trip visit to California Wine Country each time the American Bar Association chooses San Francisco for its annual meeting. An avid photographer, Amy sometimes spends more time taking pictures of the vineyards and wineries than sampling their bounty.

In addition to her duties at Another Wine Blog, Amy is a Contributing Editor at Palate Press: The online wine magazine, as well as one of the authors featured in Palate Press’s first book, Best of the Press Volume I.  Amy and Joe also regularly serve on tasting panels including TasteLive: The Premier Website for Wine and Beer Tastings, Snooth, Charles Communications CCA BrandLive #WineChat and other virtually-hosted and live venues. Amy is also a contributor to the Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books, and most recently published in Chicken Soup for the Soul’s The Power of Gratitude.

Other fun facts about Amy aka WineWonkette:

  • Amy loves learning new things: which would explain the B.A. in Journalism, M.B.A. in International Relations, Graduate Certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution, Graduate Study Abroad in Japan, Certificate in Wine Fundamentals I and II from the International Sommelier Guild, and current study in the San Francisco Wine School for her C.W.A.S. in addition to the J.D. She’s got credentials–dammit!
  • Once got on the wrong train during Study Abroad in Japan, and ended up at Tokyo Disneyland
  • Is an Expert in E-Discovery and probably knows more about Offshore Deepwater Drilling than your mom or dad!
  • Has been known to clog and play “the spoons” at raucous Bluegrass gatherings
  • Loves music of all kinds and has been spotted at concerts featuring Lyle Lovette, Dropkick Murphys, My Life with the Thrill Kill Cult, Henry Rollins, P-Funk, Joan Jett, Bruce Springsteen, Jane’s Addiction, The Black Keys and Nine Inch Nails (not at the same time)
  • Tolerates Joe’s love of all things bowling, Zombies and Lucinda Williams
  • Co-wrote and shot photos for a College Football and Basketball Sports Blog called “Toledo Rocket Fans” with Joe during her days in law school, and did a little freelance photography for on-line sports websites including
  • Prefers and promotes Android over iPhone, proudly proclaiming: You’re Not the Boss of Me, Steve!
  • Reads all PR & media releases and requests for Wine Reviews sent to Another Wine Blog; even those addressed “Dear Steve”
  • Drives a bright yellow Volkswagen beetle!
  • Was a 2014 WBS Scholarship Recipient

A social media maven, you can find Amy all over the social media stratosphere! You can find her on Klout, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pintrest.

You can contact Amy directly via twitter (@WineWonkette) or Email Amy or use the Contact form.

Wine Blogger Conference Participant 2008 - 2014

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