About This Site

Most wine books and sites claim that they want to demystify wine, and in some ways that is a noble goal. On the other hand, part of the allure of wine is that it is mysterious. Maybe it is okay that some people are intimidated by wine. Would it be as much fun being the person who confidently scans the wine list at the table and picks out the perfect bottle to match dinner if everyone was capable of doing? I don’t think it would be.

I’m not suggesting that we should all be snobs, or that wine lovers should be elitists who look down on the rest of the world because we know something that they don’t. But let’s face it, we do know something they do not. That is good news for us because our knowledge of wine opens up doors that those who don’t enjoy wine will never know.

As for those who are ignorant about wine, there is great news for them, as well. Ignorance is very curable. In this case, the cure is a marvelous thing. All one need do to is read a few readily available pages on the basics of tasting, open a bottle, swirl it in their glass, take a deep breath, and ignorance begins to fade away with the first sip. That sip also means they have something in common with millions of new friends all around the world. And wine people are some of the most generous and friendly folk on the planet. Especially when they have a glass in their hands.

This site is dedicated to the most educated among us, the person about to take that first sip, and everyone in between.

A votre sante!