Chelsea Wine Bar Gets Twisted (Oak)!

We like it because it’s one of those fabulous Rhône-style blends that hasn’t been completely Parkerized. Yes, there’s fruit and plenty of it — but it’s less of a Sweet Cloying Diva and more of a Subtle Spicy Minx with a leather whip. And what could be better with a wine that rhymes and pairs with Duck. Works well with barbecue pork and spicy Asian foods as well. And I like to pair it just with my glass as well!

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Restaurant Review: Pope’s Pairings Protect Plonk

The brainchild of Chef Monica Pope t’afia promises “coastal Mediterranean cuisine inspired by local ingredients.” Let me just summarize up front by saying the decor is trendy cafeteria-cool, our waiter was friendly, the food is good, but the place is very loud. Acoustics in t’afia are not conducive to quiet conversation. At least not when sitting on the long communal bench. I could hear the conversations from the tables behind me and beside me, but could not hear my dinner partner sitting across from me.

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Wine Country Travel: The Inn at Occidental

Lucky for us, the Inn at Occidental offers a fabulous gourmet breakfast every morning from 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. I had spotted a sign when we’d arrived the night before that said breakfast was served downstairs from the reception area. And we could almost taste the applewood bacon as we walked through the second floor of the house and made our way down two flights of stairs to the dining area. French doors provide entry directly from the handicapped parking area, for those who aren’t able to navigate the stairs.

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