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  • HR 5034: What if Wine Were Peaches …

    HR 5034: What if Wine Were Peaches …

    All the people in other states still want your peaches. But they will not have the freedom to buy them. They will have no choice but to buy peaches from their own states, or whatever the peach distributors want to sell them. They will have no competition, so they can charge peach lovers as much as they want for their peaches.

  • If Passed, HR 5034 will Cheat Wine Consumers

    While most consumers hurried to finish taxes by the April 15th deadline, something sinister was afoot in the United States House of Representatives. A move to take away your rights to buy wine directly from the winery. To limit your choices to whatever is sold in your local store.

  • Why I Hate Bill Gates: Thank God for Wine!

    My laptop crashed. After nearly 24 hours of trying to recover my data due to a “corrupt volume” on my Microsoft Vista OS that just “happened” yesterday morning, I think I’m in a really bad relationship with Bill Gates. I need wine!

  • A Tale of Two Meals

    To be honest, it made me want to go back in the kitchen and cook each course properly so that the chef and the proprietor could taste the difference. I can’t help it, I have a Gordon Ramsey complex. “Have you $@#%ing TASTED it???”

  • Cooking with Wine: Stop the insanity!

  • Fish for Lent?

    This isn’t going to be another one of those tired old articles about how to not suffer too much during Lent. In fact, if you are a believer who devoutly gives up meat for the horrors of something like shrimp or sushi, you should probably stop reading right now and go get yourself some *&#%ing tilapia.

  • Are Wine Reviews Compromised?

    I see this relentless need to beat a dead horse as posturing and turf battles between bloggers who see themselves as citizen journalists, giving their opinions to those yearning for knowledge and entertainment, and writers, whose livelihood is threatened by the “insurgent” bloggers.

  • Not Just Another Wine Sample

    It doesn’t just apply when you’re promoting wine. Think of an e-mail like a knock on the door. The person on the other side may open the door just to see who it is, but she’s more apt to talk with you, and let you give your pitch if you at least appear to be interested in her, the person.

  • Guilty; As Charged. Should I Blame Parker?

    Are you influenced by wine rating systems? Will you avoid buying a wine that scores below a certain number? Because, if you’re like me, there are probably a number of wines you’ve really enjoyed when you had no idea how they were ranked.

  • Baptism by Grape

    Baptism by the grape can truly be considered a religious experience to even the most unsuspecting wine drinker. When the palate is introduced to the right varietal at that pivotal moment, whether it was accompanied by a meal or not, the flavors hit all of the important sensory points and you just want to throw your hands in the air and shout “hallelujah!” Ok maybe it is not that dramatic but you get the picture.