Commentary: Credentialing for Wine Bloggers

Last Fall during the North American Wine Blogger Conference there arose a debate: Is it ethical for wine bloggers to accept wine gratis from the wine industry (Wine Blogger and Industry Interaction: What Crosses the Line)? Fast forward a few months and now the debate has moved onto who should legitimately get wine for free–camouflaged in a discussion about “Wine Blogger Certification.” On-line media and a variety of blog platforms have put the power of […]

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Wine, Women & Hurricane Ike: On Being Thankful

It has been two months since Hurricane Ike made landfall with a direct hit to Galveston, roaring up through Houston and wreaking havoc and damages estimated to go up to as high as $21 billion. That figure would make Hurricane Ike the third most expensive storm in U.S history, behind Hurricanes Katrina and Andrew. But monetary damage is not the only measure of the storm’s destruction. Whole communities were wiped from the map. Galveston Island, […]

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Pouring for Retail: Wine Sampling 101

Ever wonder how those hotties pouring sample shots at bars and sporting events got their jobs? On any given weekend, especially around the holidays, you can walk into our local wine merchant and sample wines without paying a dime. At our local wine “superstore” on Saturday afternoons you can troll the aisles tasting a number of different wines and spirits. Most of the liquor samples are served by young hotties who know little about the […]

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Vineyard Tours – A Great Way to Appreciate Wine

Now that Comcast has restored my internet connection to full speed, I’m able to access AWB! Although most of my contributions will continue to be photography, I’ll add an article every now and then, mainly focusing on wine “education.” I am one of those geeks who thinks every vacation should also include an “educational experience.” That’s probably due to growing up in a home with a school teacher Mom and a school principal Dad. Luckily, […]

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