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Wine Swingers

Be a Swinger, or Divorce Your Wine Guy!

People love to ask about our favorite local wine merchant. Truth be told, we do not have many. In fact most of our wine is shipped to us. So it is pretty safe to say our favorite wine usually comes via FedEx. When I wrote a version this post back in 2010, we did not have a favorite wine guy. Or girl, in Houston. Then our good friend Iris Allen invited us to a hidden gem in […]

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New Year’s Eve Magic: Saber Your Champagne

Want to add a little magic to your New Year’s Eve celebration? Open the bottle of Champagne with a saber! The first time we saw someone open a bottle of Champagne with a saber was a New Year’s Eve several years ago. We were at a neighborhood wine bar. The proprietor had enjoyed quite a bit of his own merchandise, and decided he was going to treat his patrons to a grand spectacle. After three […]

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Pouring for Retail: Wine Sampling 101

Ever wonder how those hotties pouring sample shots at bars and sporting events got their jobs? On any given weekend, especially around the holidays, you can walk into our local wine merchant and sample wines without paying a dime. At our local wine “superstore” on Saturday afternoons you can troll the aisles tasting a number of different wines and spirits. Most of the liquor samples are served by young hotties who know little about the […]

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Read the label!

The author of this article makes some very good points about reading the label when being served in a restaurant. Often we assume that the various acts that make up wine service are just formalities, or are out-dated traditions. This is a good reminder that they are practical and serve a very real purpose. If the waiter had acknowledged the error and gone to retrieve the correct bottle, this would not be an item of […]

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