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This may be my new favorite wine. A GSM (SMG?) from Languedoc, it’s certainly one of the best things that I’ve tasted on our trip to France, and given the quality and quantity of wines we’ve had that’s saying a lot. The nose will grab you, and the flavors? Holy schist! This wine is young and fresh, but so very balanced. Very bright fruit, but also rich and satisfying. What it does with duck should […]

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Cooking to Pair with Multiple Wines: Green Valley of Russian River Valley

For many a home chef, it is relatively simple to pair a dish with a wine. You can consult Mr. Google, or visit a variety of wine sites, like Another Wine Blog, for suggestions. But suppose you have a recipe that pairs well with one red wine, but want to serve two different varieties – what then? That was my dilemma for a tasting of 3 wines from Green Valley of Russian River Valley hosted […]

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Building Your Wine Tasting Memory

On Monday nights, Joe goes bowling. Strange for a guy who thinks football season is year ’round. But when he gets home he’s only the slightest bit hungry, so usually we just have a few snacks with our wine. Our Monday nights typically go like this. Joe: “Let’s open a bottle of wine.” Amy: “What wine would you like?” Joe: “Something red and tasty.” Which in Joespeak is usually Syrah. This particular Monday, Joe comes […]

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2007 Château La Nerthe Châteauneuf-du-Pape Rouge

We first tasted Château La Nerthe at Millésime Bio in the South of France. Then delightfully again, at Phillipe in Houston, Texas at Hospice du Rhone in Paso Robles, California and once again at L’Olivier in Houston. It never fails to disappoint. Like nearly all Châteauneuf-du-Pape, it’s dusty and austere in younger vintages. The wine needs time to languish in the bottle, for nature and good cellaring to take its course and turn the dominatrix […]

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