Soils make a Difference: The Zoning Project of DO Montsant

Why do we need to know about the soil? I asked, when I was first learning about wine. Because the composition of the soil can determine which grape grows best in the vineyard. The type of soil also helps decide the irrigation method needed in the vineyard. For example limestone, or calcareous soils are somewhat compact. Their origin from the erosion and sedimentation of rivers, these soils are rich in calcium carbonate, and provide excellent […]

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DO Montsant on the Precipice: Vinyes Domènech

As I stand on the path that leads from the tasting room through the vineyard to the edge of a precipice at Vinyes Domènech the Latin phrase in situ comes to mind. Literally, the phrase translates to “on-site.” To the archeologist, an artifact in situ is one that he or she unearths and records at the original site of the culture that created it. When discovered not in situ, the artifact is considered out of […]

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Cowboys, Chaps and World Class Chardonnay

What do you pair with a $79 Chardonnay? I asked, Joe, who does nearly all of the cooking for us here at Another Wine Blog? Fish Stew, he says. Now I am not a big fan of stew, fish or otherwise. It is probably a completely irrational bias from my childhood. Stew was what you had when you either did not have anything in the house to make a proper meal, or could not afford […]

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Celebrate International Tempranillo Day, Thursday, Nov. 12th!

Viva Tempranillo! Join the Tempranillo Advocates, Producers and Amigos Society (TAPAS) on Thursday, November 12th, in celebrating the grape once associated primarily with Spain, and now planted in over 500,000 of the earth’s acres in both New World and old world interpretations. Just a mere ten years ago, many Americans could not pronounce the name of the grape; perhaps they were confused by its 60 or more regional synonyms, including names like Tinto del Toro, […]

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10 Things to do in Barcelona, Spain

Planning a visit to Barcelona, the largest metropolis on the Mediterranean Sea? Well if not, you should! The Catalan capital’s influence in commerce, education, entertainment, media, fashion, science, and the arts make Barcelona one of the world’s leading tourist, economic, trade and cultural centers. Last year nearly 8 million people spent the night in Barcelona, the Ciutat Comtal or City of Counts, which is Cap i Casal de Catalunya or the Head and Heart of […]

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Tonight We’re Drinking to Spain and Ribera del Duero!

Tonight we join the folks at Snooth for their virtual Ribera del Duero tasting at 7:30 p.m. (8:30 p.m. Eastern, 5:30 p.m. Pacific). Ribera del Duero is part of the Duero River Valley and Castilla y León (kasˈtiʎa i leˈon), the old seat of Spanish nobility when the Moors still controlled the southern portion of the country. Castilla y León is the largest of Spain’s wine regions, with some of Spain’s oldest and most beautiful […]

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Meet AWB Guest Blogger Hank Greer

Many of our Houston wine friends attended class with Joe at the University of Houston, through the International Sommelier Guild.  I met Hank Greer, along with Iris Allen, at an end-of-semester Christmas party in 2007 to help celebrate the completion of ISG Wine Fundamentals Certificate Level 1. I felt I already knew them, since Joe shared stories about class, and some of the classmates with which he had a natural affinity. While we keep in […]

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Celebrate International Tempranillo Day

September 1: Celebrate International Tempranillo Day!

Say good-bye to the dog days of August with wine from a noble grape. Join us on Thursday, September 1, as we celebrate the first International Tempranillo Day! Conceived by TAPAS, Tempranillo Advocates, Producers, and Amigos Society, International Tempranillo Day invites everyone to open a bottle (or two, or three!) to honor this Spanish native now called by 60+ regional names in both Old and New World soils. From the Argentina to New Zealand, Tempranillo […]

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