Staying home for Valentine’s Day?

If Valentine’s Day had an equivalent to Scrooge, I would be a natural in the role. I spout all of the usual reasons for disliking it, such as it being in existence solely to sell cards, etc., that are almost as cliche as cupid and hearts. Of course I am married to a woman who loves it and insists on celebrating it, especially since one of our first big dates was on Valentine’s Day. So, […]

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A corner in Galveston

Galveston has been immortalized in song and in history books. It is a city known for a tragic past and for its resiliency. It should also be known for its friendly people and increasingly, as a place for good food and wine. Since I moved to Houston a few years back, I have taken quite a few trips down to Galveston. Usually these trips involve enjoying the beach, taking historical tours, or wandering the delightful […]

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Cooking with wine

The conventional wisdom is that you should always cook with a wine that you would drink. I think that is complete and utter nonsense. The aforementioned conventional wisdom probably sprang from the days when folks would buy bottles labeled cooking wine. I don’t even know if they sell such a thing anymore. I typically have a few open bottles of wine on my counter that I use when I cook, and no way would I […]

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