Méthode WineWonkette: DIY Fancy French Ginger Liqueur

I love ginger! I must try this at home, I think to myself as I sip Frank Plusk’s signature Domaine de Canton 2014 Global Bartender of the Year contest entry cocktail while chatting with a wine country friend in town for the weekend. So the next day I head to the Downtown Specs Liquor Warehouse (Smith Street) to pick up a bottle of Domaine de Canton to make my own Asian Lemon Drop Martini. I […]

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DIY: Wine Glass Charms in 5 Easy Steps

I cannot remember which glass of wine is mine! Do your guests set down their glasses of wine and then forget which one is theirs? Sure, you can buy a couple dozen wine glass identifiers, but why not make your own unique wine glass charms? We’ve hosted our First Fridays wine tastings for nearly a year now, and it never fails; a guest will put her glass down on the table for a few minutes, […]

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