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Another Wine Byte 3: Noble Rot

Here is the third in our weekly series of Another Wine Bytes; information about wine you can use to impress your friends (but not in an obnoxious way, of course!) AWByte #3 - What is Noble Rot? We're voracious readers.  In fact, ...

Wine Reviews

When I find someone I respect writing about an edgy, nervous wine that dithered in the glass, I cringe.  When I hear someone I don't respect talking about an austere, ...

Mario Batali cooks and pairs the dish with wine

These two videos show culinary master, Mario Batali, cooking a classic Italian dish and then pairing it with two wines. I can't wait to try it myself.

Rhone and Ribs

This video from Wine Spectator had me drooling by combining two of my absolute favorite flavors, Rhone wines and short ribs. This is a marriage made in heaven! If anyone wants to spring for these two wines, I will cook ...

Wines of Gigondas Video

I am a huge Côtes du Rhône fan, and this video from Wine Spectator highlights one of the lesser known regions, Gigondas.

Sangiovese (part 2)

Yesterday I posted a video from Wine Spectator about Sangiovese. Here is another one that focuses more on the taste of Brunello di Montalcino, a Sangiovese clone. It makes me want to go spend enough on a bottle to make ...

Sangiovese (part 1)

Sangiovese is a fascinating grape. It is most well known as the main grape of the sublime wines of Tuscany, but is also grown in other areas around the world. However, to me, most of the Sangioveses produced outside of ...

How does Wine Spectator rate wines?

Ever wonder how Wine Spectator goes about tasting and rating their wines? They have posted a very nice video on their site to let you in on the secret.

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