Delicious, Healthy Salad Dressing Recipe

Between the heat and trying to eat in healthier ways, I have been making and eating a lot of salads. Mostly created with spinach and/or arugula. Today a co-worker and I were talking about salads and I mentioned that I make my own dressings to keep calories down while accentuating flavor and healthiness. There are many ways to create variations on this basic recipe. Vary the herbs, the amounts, or the type of acid and […]

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Quick and Easy Summer Salad – Mediterranean Spinach Salad

The trouble with a lot of salads, as far as I am concerned, is that they provide less nutrition than many people think and a lot of the time, more calories. This salad has neither problem, and it is very simple to make. It is also quite versatile and can be tailored to your personal tastes or for the wine you plan to serve with it. This Mediterranean Spinach salad is a perfect meal for […]

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Fantastic Sangria Recipe

This is definitely a sangria with some zing. Give it a try on a hot summer afternoon. 1 bottle of Zinfandel or Syrah 2 cups Vernor’s ginger ale 1/4 cup simple syrup 2 lemons cut into wedges 1 orange cut into wedges 2 limes cut into wedges 1 ruby red grapefruit, segmented 1 oz good gin Make sure that all ingredients are well chilled before combining if you plan to serve this right away, if […]

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Greatest Salad EVER!

That’s what my youngest son thinks, at least. Being 13, he may be a bit prone to hyperbole, but I am pretty sure it is at least in the top 100. I had a fairly cheap late harvest Riesling with this, and it was a fantastic summery meal. This is a variation on a salad recipe that I read somewhere recently and then recreated and expanded on from memory. I would credit the original, as […]

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White Wine Sangria Recipe

A couple of days ago I recommended Polka Dot Riesling as a good wine to eat while cooking barbecue, yesterday I used it to make a nice cold, refreshing sangria to drink WHILE I was barbecuing. This white sangria tastes like a crisp, tart lemonade, but much less sweet. Start by chilling a bottle of a bottle of white wine of your choice, I liked the way that the Polka Dot worked in this, but […]

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Lasagna from Hell

I would like to apologize for not posting anything yesterday. My intentions were good, but apparently the road to hell is paved with homemade pasta. Lots of homemade pasta, as it turns out. Last week my youngest son turned 13. This momentous occasion was prologued earlier in the week by me asking, quite innocently, what he would like for his birthday dinner. Now Jacob, if nothing else, is a consistent child. This question has always […]

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