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MSNBC Story About Wine and Music

MSNBC News does a feature on the recent study that showed that music can influence how we taste wine.


Glorious Beginnings

Some people, they like to go out dancing And other people like us, they have to work And there's even some evil mothers Well they're gonna tell you that everything is just dirt You know that women never really faint, And that villains always blink ...

Cool T-Shirt

Our friends at have come up with a very cool new t-shirt that they are selling at their site. Here is a peek at them. They have both men's and women's sizes.

Eric Asimov Rips the American Beer Industry

The New York Times wine columnist rightfully and righteously takes down the mass-producing wing of the American beer industry. This paragraph drew my first of many "amens." Yet, the big beer companies apparently find it repulsive that people could conceive of beer ...

Gordon Ramsey DOESN’T swear!

Gordon Ramsey tries to fool Jamie Oliver's sommelier and somehow manages not to swear even once. Amazing!

Quick and Easy Summer Salad – Mediterranean Spinach Salad

The trouble with a lot of salads, as far as I am concerned, is that they provide less nutrition than many people think and a lot of the time, more calories. This salad has neither problem, and it is very ...

Going to a picnic

I don't have much to post about today, so I am basically taking the day off to go to Willie Nelson's Family Picnic. There probably won't be much wine, but it is rumored that they may have some beer. I hope ...

Bordeaux wine rating services are consistent

An interesting study from Cornell University shows that the three primary Bordeaux wine rating services are consistent in their rankings. The findings claim that the three most popular ranking sources, Robert Parker, Stephen Tanzer, and Wine Spectator, display a high ...

New Belgium Springboard Ale

New Belgium's Web site has some babble about this beer springing forth from dreams about acupuncturists and barrels, or some such nonsense. What a shame that is, as this is a exceptionally tasty hot weather beer, and that is a ...

Very Funny Wine Video

Of course, for me to have found something this wrong, I had to have been over visiting my friends at See more funny videos at CollegeHumor