Happy Birthday to us!

It is hard for me to believe, but Another Wine Blog is one year old today. We have gone from being shocked that 20 people a day would read our posts to sometimes getting 1,000 and wishing it were more. What started on a whim with me writing by myself whenever the mood struck has become a passion for both me and Amy. Over the past year this site has taken us places we never […]

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What moves us?

There are times in our lives when we experience something that moves us. We may be moved to tears, to action, or even to turn away. We see, hear, read, or taste something that stirs something within us. These emotional triggers hit hardest and have the most effect when we least expect them to breach the walls that we erect to protect ourselves. Some chink in our armor is found and feelings come unbidden and […]

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Santa Commerce Claus(e) comes to Kentucky

The U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals brought a little  Christmas Eve cheer to the good people of the Bluegrass State when it ruled Wednesday that Kentucky must allow small out-of-state wineries to ship their wares into the state even if a customer buys the wines on-line or over the phone. Striking down yet another state law which discriminates against out-of-state wineries to the benefit of in-state wines and distributors, the federal appeals court ruling […]

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Going Home Again

I went back to Ohio But my city was gone There was no train station There was no downtown South Howard had disappeared All my favorite places My city had been pulled down Reduced to parking spaces A, o, way to go Ohio -The Pretenders The old saw that ‘you can never go home again’ is not exactly true. The inimitable Chrissie Hynde wrote those lyrics about her hometown of Akron. In the song she […]

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Vintages – Do they really matter?

Yesterday we discussed the importance of flavor profiles for wine. Today we look at vintages. Typically when we speak of vintages we are referring to a wine containing grapes that were all grown within the same year. This information tells us a lot more than just the age of the juice. So many factors enter into how the grapes ripen which in turn then effects what ends up in your glass. In many ways a […]

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Flavor Profiles of Wine – Back to Basics

In the first in a series, we examine what makes up the flavors and aromas that make wine such a magical beverage. Sometimes we make things so much more difficult than they have to be. Wine is definitely one of those things. Those of us who work with wine and wine people on a daily basis need to find all sorts of descriptors for our favorite drink. The average wine drinker does not need to […]

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2009 Wine Country Calendar now available

Photos from 2008 Wine Blogger Conference Wineries Featured Be the first to get your 2009 Wine Country Sonoma calendar featuring photos from Sonoma County wineries and vineyards.  Created through www.zazzle.com by the folks at Another Wine Blog, the calendar also includes photos from events during the North American Wine Blogger Conference sponsored by Open Wine Consortium at the Flamingo Resort in Santa Rosa in October 2008. Take an inside look at wineries and vineyards including […]

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Belt Buckles, Saddles & Chaps? Oh My!

Wine Competition Winners named for 2009 Houston Rodeo The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™ Wine Competition Committee has announced the winners for their International Wine Competition for 2009. In its sixth year, the International Wine Competition awarded 1080 medals among a field of 1800 participants for the 2009 HLSR Season. Like other Rodeo events, winners were awarded belt-buckles, saddles and chaps. The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™ International Wine Competition is unique in that in […]

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Holiday Gifts for Wine Lovers

Every year I look for the ultimate gift for my husband, the wine lover.  Joe makes a point of saying, “I don’t play dress up with my wine!”  So those cutesy “wine caddies” are definitely out. But I have found a number of wine-related items that make perfect gifts. Looking for a gift for your wine lover or maybe yourself? Before you reach for that “wine bottle” necktie; the flip flops with grapes attached or […]

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