Guest Post: Napa Valley for Kids What to Do (And Not Do)

The Napa Valley Wine Country isn’t really known for kid-friendly venues, since the emphasis there is primarily on adult beverages. Nonetheless, for Labor Day weekend, my friend Glennia decided to do a day-trip to Napa Valley with her family, which is about a two-hour drive from their house. Here’s an account of their adventures exploring fun activities for kids in Napa Valley.

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Tragedy as Marketing

I grew up in a town that knew tragedy. On the night of November 15, 1970, a chartered jet airliner carrying the local university football team, coaches and a number of prominent residents crashed in flames on its approach to the airport. The weather conditions were poor, and there was a light rain. There were no survivors. I was 8 years old. We lived a few miles away, on a hill just over from the site […]

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Tonight: TasteLive! Blogging with Wines of Argentina

Last week it was wines from Salta. Tonight we’ll be tasting wines from the Mendoza region of Argentina as part of TasteLive! a live tasting social-networking platform run by Craig Drollett, that connects wine lovers and bloggers with different wineries. TasteLive! allows wineries to get real-time feedback and opinions on their wines, and posts the comments simultaneously on Twitter.  This generates a buzz about the wines, and wineries!  Tonight we’ll try something different.  Rather than […]

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The Local Food Movement

“I know that if I ever go looking for my heart’s desire, I’ll never go any further than my own back yard. For if it isn’t there, I never really lost it.” – Dorothy Gale (Wizard of Oz) Eat and drink local seems to be the meme everywhere you turn these days. It’s not so much that I disagree with this movement, it is that it has its limits, but the advocates for all things […]

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