Massive wardrobe of cowboy clothes Top of my head to the tip of my toes Ah you look so good in my hat with fringe on it So put on my boots mmm doggone it – Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimmy Vaughan, Good Texan In a previous life I worked as a stagehand for quite a few years. One time my best friend was working as the head electrician at a venue where Stevie Ray […]

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Foodbuzz – 2009 Food Blog Awards Nominations

Foodbuzz is a social network and community site for foodies (and winos). In addition to that, they also aggregate blog posts about food and wine from all over the Web. The site is chock full of recipes, reviews, suggestions, tips, beautiful photos and great articles. Now they are getting into the awards business. They are recognizing the best food and, *AHEM*, wine blogs with these awards, and are currently accepting nominations. You do not need […]

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Guest Post: Napa Valley for Kids What to Do (And Not Do)

The Napa Valley Wine Country isn’t really known for kid-friendly venues, since the emphasis there is primarily on adult beverages. Nonetheless, for Labor Day weekend, my friend Glennia decided to do a day-trip to Napa Valley with her family, which is about a two-hour drive from their house. Here’s an account of their adventures exploring fun activities for kids in Napa Valley.

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Tragedy as Marketing

I grew up in a town that knew tragedy. On the night of November 15, 1970, a chartered jet airliner carrying the local university football team, coaches and a number of prominent residents crashed in flames on its approach to the airport. The weather conditions were poor, and there was a light rain. There were no survivors. I was 8 years old. We lived a few miles away, on a hill just over from the site […]

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Tonight: TasteLive! Blogging with Wines of Argentina

Last week it was wines from Salta. Tonight we’ll be tasting wines from the Mendoza region of Argentina as part of TasteLive! a live tasting social-networking platform run by Craig Drollett, that connects wine lovers and bloggers with different wineries. TasteLive! allows wineries to get real-time feedback and opinions on their wines, and posts the comments simultaneously on Twitter.  This generates a buzz about the wines, and wineries!  Tonight we’ll try something different.  Rather than […]

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