Wine for the Holidays: America’s Most-Visited Winery

There are plenty of people who do exactly what they’re told. Who follow all of the rules. Who “know their place” from birth to death. The type of people who do not see a bullfighter’s red cape when someone tells them they cannot or may not do something. Joe is not one of those people. And neither am I. Often in younger years this was probably much to our detriment. For me, it was nearly […]

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Announcing the Results of the 2010 Annual AWB Self-Serving Wino Survey

Another Wine Blog is delighted to reveal the results of our 2010 Annual AWB Self-Serving Wino Survey. But first, a few words about our methodology. After all, a survey of any kind is only as good as the methodology employed and only a complete douchebag would refuse to reveal how the results were obtained, n’est-ce pas? Initially it was determined that our questions would be designed in such a way so we could gather information […]

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You Never Know Who Might be Listening

It’s amazing what people will say out loud when they don’t know anyone is listening.  Recently, at a local wine event, I thought I was back in junior high.  Or watching a remake of  Mean Girls. Don’t Plot a Takeover One of the Mean Girls, we’ll call her Mary Jane, displayed her over-inflated sense of importance. How? Out in the foyer following her presentation, she immediately launches into “How can we make this ‘not suck’ […]

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Man Cannot Live on Wine Alone

I love wine. If not for the effects of the alcohol, I would likely drink it at every meal and most of the time in between. Wine has joined food, music and football in the pantheon of my passions. Compared to the other three it is a relative newcomer, but takes a backseat to none of them. In fact, it often complements them quite well. But in the same way that play-off hockey can engage […]

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Easy Turkey Brine

Longtime readers know that this time every year I extol the virtues of making a brine starting with a homemade stock. It is a time-intensive process, although not really hard to do. Not this year. I am going to try something new, I’m going to cut corners, cheat, wuss out…whatever you want to call it. I know, it’s disappointing, but lets look at this as a scientific endeavor. Don’t worry, no actual science will be […]

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Without Further Ado: Sacre Bleu

While pinning its hopes on them, the wine industry wasn’t properly targeting the millennial market. “They were putting out labels with kangaroos, birds and penguins,” says Struwe. In fact in 2006 it seems everyone was targeting millennials with ‘Critter Wines.’ “They were not taking these younger consumers seriously, says Struwe. And, no wine company was telling them why they should try their wine.”

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Want to eat and drink at our house?

We often participate in an event known as Twitter Taste Live. The way it works is that a certain winery, region or style of wine is featured and samples are sent out to a group of bloggers. At an appointed date and time these bloggers log into the website and chat with the wine makers while tasting their product. As they often send out as many as 8 bottles of wine we sometimes invite friends […]

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