Wineries Invited to Donate Wine for Scholarships

How can you get your wines in front of 8,000 potential wine lovers with significant discretionary income? By donating wine for a Wine Pull as part of The Houston CPA Society’s 2011 Scholarship Extravaganza set for Friday, February 18, 2011. The largest chapter in the state of Texas with 8,000 members, the Houston CPA Society hosts an annual “Scholarship Extravaganza” to raise money for college students interested in a career in accounting and to help […]

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Far Out Wineries Passport Weekend: January 14-17th

Paso Robles’ 17 “Far Out Wineries” invite wine lovers to taste their way through award-winning wines during a special Passport Weekend Friday, January 14 through Monday, January 17, 2011. Now in its fourth year, the Far Out Wineries Passport Weekend proceeds benefit The Wellness Community – California Central Coast, which offers programs of education, support and hope for cancer patients and their families. This year the event, set for Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekend is […]

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Sinfully Decadent Delights and Festive Champagne

There is a much-repeated myth that great sex stops after marriage. Politely speaking, a number of euphemisms come to mind. At worst, “that well dries up” and at best; “dessert turns to the plain vanilla variety.” Big Pharma’s latest goldmine promises to restore the dying embers. Names like Cialis and Viagra flash across the television screen while she wonders ‘why are they in separate bathtubs?” and he; “is there really anything wrong with more than […]

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What can a chicken teach us?

Hey man where’d you get That lotion? I been hurting Since I bought the gimmick About something called love Yeah something called love That’s like hypnotizing chickens Well I am just a modern guy Of course I’ve had it in the ear before -Lust for Life, Iggy Pop Why is it that some of the simplest things in life are the ones we never take the time to learn to do right? Since we can […]

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Wine for the Holidays: America’s Most-Visited Winery

There are plenty of people who do exactly what they’re told. Who follow all of the rules. Who “know their place” from birth to death. The type of people who do not see a bullfighter’s red cape when someone tells them they cannot or may not do something. Joe is not one of those people. And neither am I. Often in younger years this was probably much to our detriment. For me, it was nearly […]

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Announcing the Results of the 2010 Annual AWB Self-Serving Wino Survey

Another Wine Blog is delighted to reveal the results of our 2010 Annual AWB Self-Serving Wino Survey. But first, a few words about our methodology. After all, a survey of any kind is only as good as the methodology employed and only a complete douchebag would refuse to reveal how the results were obtained, n’est-ce pas? Initially it was determined that our questions would be designed in such a way so we could gather information […]

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You Never Know Who Might be Listening

It’s amazing what people will say out loud when they don’t know anyone is listening.  Recently, at a local wine event, I thought I was back in junior high.  Or watching a remake of  Mean Girls. Don’t Plot a Takeover One of the Mean Girls, we’ll call her Mary Jane, displayed her over-inflated sense of importance. How? Out in the foyer following her presentation, she immediately launches into “How can we make this ‘not suck’ […]

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Man Cannot Live on Wine Alone

I love wine. If not for the effects of the alcohol, I would likely drink it at every meal and most of the time in between. Wine has joined food, music and football in the pantheon of my passions. Compared to the other three it is a relative newcomer, but takes a backseat to none of them. In fact, it often complements them quite well. But in the same way that play-off hockey can engage […]

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