My obligatory Thanksgiving wine pairing post

It seems that you can’t traverse the web these days without tripping over an article about pairing wine with turkey or a Thanksgiving dinner. Why should I be any different? I like Thanksgiving and I like wine and I have to write about something, don’t I? I kept putting off writing this due to lack of inspiration, but decided that today would be the day. Still lacking inspiration, I decided to surf around and see […]

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Rhone and Ribs

This video from Wine Spectator had me drooling by combining two of my absolute favorite flavors, Rhone wines and short ribs. This is a marriage made in heaven! If anyone wants to spring for these two wines, I will cook the ribs. Seriously, I think a recipe for short ribs is overdue. Oh, and seriously, provide these wines and I am cooking. Seriously! Quit laughing, dammit!

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Be a Home Superstar Chef (Part 2 – Shallots)

The first installment in this series discussed the importance of having a few high quality pans. Admittedly, despite being a necessity for the home chef, high quality pans are a big investment. Happily, the star of this article is much less expensive. Shallots look, taste, and smell like a cross between onions and garlic, but are neither. They are actually classified as different species from either one. Shallots grow in bunches of separate bulbs. The […]

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Poached Figs with Marscapone and Banfi Rosa Regale

Banfi Rosa Regale is fairly unique sparkling wine, at least in my experience. It is sweet and low in acid, with  flavors and aromas of rose, raspberry, black cherry, strawberry and plum. The mouth feel is both creamy and sparkling, with a finish of delicious vanilla. It is also quite low in alcohol, 7%, which is nice with dessert, or even as dessert, if you have already had wine with dinner. Rosa Regale is delicious […]

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Delicious Egg Dish

This recipe is a favorite in my house, even with my egg hating wife. As usual, feel free to substitute ingredients and make this your own recipe. Serrano ham or Canadian bacon would be great instead the pancetta this version calls for. Start by cutting some fairly thick slices of crusty bread. Brush with olive oil. I usually use a garlic infused oil, as I tend to always have some chopped garlic soaking in olive […]

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Super Bowl Wine

With the Super Bowl right around the corner many of us are in the process of planning a party. While most fans don’t really have a dog in this race any more, we still all crowd around the television like this is a life or death event, and for some of the advertisers who often provide the best part of the entertainment, it just might be.

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