Dishing with Jameson Fink at Grape Collective

Recently Jameson Fink asked us to be his very first wine blogging duo interview for Grape Collective’s Speakeasy feature. A mix of journalism and commerce, Grape Collective is the brainchild of Publisher Christopher Barnes. In addition to Barnes and Fink, the site features a number of other writers like Wall Street Wine columnist, author and Senior Editor Dorothy J. Gaiter, Senior Editor Meg Houston Maker, and a host of Contributing writers including CBS News Radio’s […]

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Project Y-ine Makes A Brief Stop in Houston

Yesterday the ladies of Project Y-ine left New Orleans and headed for Houston, Texas. They were running a bit behind schedule. They had stopped in Lafayette for lunch. “What is the law in Texas about the passenger drinking a beer??” At 6:18 p.m. CDT I got the above text from Shana. I shot back, “I don’t think you can have booze open in the car at all.” Then I looked it up just to make […]

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Santa Commerce Claus(e) comes to Kentucky

The U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals brought a little¬† Christmas Eve cheer to the good people of the Bluegrass State when it ruled Wednesday that Kentucky must allow small out-of-state wineries to ship their wares into the state even if a customer buys the wines on-line or over the phone. Striking down yet another state law which discriminates against out-of-state wineries to the benefit of in-state wines and distributors, the federal appeals court ruling […]

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